Tuesday, November 17 2020

The Methodist Church in Ghana has a case to answer over its commercial activities, says Reverend John Salako, Minister Founder of the OPEN DOOR TEMPLE

The OPEN DOOR TEMPLE is a Ministry. It is one and only Non-Denominational House of God on earth. It is also a Platform for Orthodox Theological Interpretation of the many challenges and questions that we face in our world today. One of those challenges and questions is the distinction between Missionary work and Commerce oriented Mercenary activities

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Sunday, November 15 2020

Spiritual interpretation of J J Rawlings death By Reverend John Salako,

t_500x300.jpg, Nov 2020The death of a person is the return of his physical being to the womb of the earth, but it is also the departure of his or her alter ego, aka the second-self or his spirit or soul to a kind of solitary confinement, in heaven pending his or her arraignment for any act of wickedness committed while over here on the earth

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Thursday, November 12 2020

Accolade for United Bank for Africa [UBA] for masterminding a DAYLIGHT ROBBERY programme in Ghana

ubaindex.jpg, Nov 2020The Ibo-tribe dominated Nigerian Bank that self-promotes itself as a "GLOBAL BANK", is on the verge of losing its Licence to operate as a Bank in Ghana.

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Saturday, August 29 2020

Rev. John Salako welcomes the Visitor

Ghana occupies a special place in the History of the Continent of Africa. However, do the present generation of Ghanaians have something or anything of any description to be proud of?

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